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At Olympia Homes you would experience a true custom building process. 

50% of our homes are built this way.  Here is how it goes:
Let's assume you want to build your dream home. You either have a floor plan at hand or you have some idea in your mind as how you would like your dream home to look like.

Let's assume we are starting from scratch, "your own ideas".  We first have to establish the size and the style of the house, as well as the budget that we have to work with.  Once we have a pretty good idea about the size and rough configuration of the house, then we make a sketch of what we have in mind.  By rough configuration I mean, how many bedrooms, master on the main floor or upstairs, how many car spaces, basement or no basement, what amenities ( from cigar room to double bowling alley), court yard, side or detached car entry and so on....

Now that we have an sketch of your dream home at hand, then we need to look for the ideal lot/land, that best serves the purpose. 

Once we have decided on a lot/land candidate, it is time to get the in house architect involved. We will all sit at a round table and that is where all the fun begins. You and us along with your children, the architect, the agents will discuss and massage the ideas, the style, the flow, the natural light flow, the openness of the floor plan along with all the other wish lists we have accumulated. 

The architect will put together all the information we provide her and through a number of meetings and exchange of ideas and information, she will complete the plans. 

If you are interested in such a process please give us a call and we will fill you in with a lot more detail.


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